West Africa Leadership Seminar Series

Strategic 2-Day Leadership Seminar

3 – 14 SEPTEMBER 2019

4 Countries

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Benin (3&4 Sept)    |    Togo (6&7 Sept)   |    Ghana (9&10 Sept)    |    Cameroon (13&14 Sept)


Hosted by

Dale Kietzman Academy

Delivered By Professor Bari Courts (view profile)

Lecturer in Organizational Management

Who should attend? 

Senior & middle management professionals at:
  • Corporations and businesses
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government  Agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
Aspiring leaders

Why should you attend? 

 What can you expect?

  • Identify the types of strategic leaders.
  • Discover the strategic leader’s source of power in an organization.
  • Develop a plan to excel in your current organization through the application of  strategic leadership principles (in-class activity).
  • Apply strategic leadership principles to your life and life goals.
  • Walk out of the seminar a better leader!


Seminar Summary – Strategic Leadership: Strategic Leadership Seminar Summary: Examine Strategic Leadership from the setting of an organizations’s direction to the defining of its vision and mission, plus the application of Strategic Leadership principles into one’s career and life skills.

Include the evaluation of internal and external environments in the development, implementation and attainment of measurable strategic goals.

Video Message from Professor Bari Courts

Day 1

9 am – noon

2 pm – 5 pm

Day 2

9 am – noon

2 pm – 5 pm


Benin | 3-4 Sept

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Togo | 6-7 Sept

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Ghana | 9-10 Sept

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Cameroon | 13-14 Sept

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