DKA Staff

Our staff at DKA care about the well-being and success of our students. We look forward to welcoming you to our community and supporting your through your time at Dale Kietzman Academy!

Dr. Dale W. Kietzman

Dr. Andre Talla
President – CEO

Dr. Shane L. Johnson
Program Director, Theology

John O Maduko M.D
Program Director- Physiotherapy

Dr. John  Willoughby
Chief Academic Officer

Mr. Ryan Miguel
Campus Director

Bari L. Courts, PhD
Campus President

Dr. Myrna Funtecha
Vice President Student Affairs

Mrs. Midge Crossan, PMP, SPL, 6σ
Director of Special Projects

Mr. Albert Nedelec
Vice President Business Affairs

Mr. Jeffery Frields
Director of Records and Admissions

Dr. Dale W. Kietzman
Chairman Department of Development

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