Online Courses

Online Courses

With many demands on your time, it is important not to let lack of time prevent you from finishing your degree.

At DKA we value you and your time. We have a full assortment of online courses available for enrollment virtually any day of the week. Our goal is to assist you in finding the time required to finish your degree and merge it into your busy schedule by offering online courses. All DKA courses have a biblical worldview.



Bachelor Programs 

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy Concentration

Bachelor of Science Program with a major in:

  • BS in Business – International Development – DKA’s international development major covers a wide range of coursework, ranging from business, economics, and sustainability to political science and sociology. This interdisciplinary approach enables you to connect and dialogue with accomplished faculty and passionate students across multiple academic areas of study. You will be invited to seek new and better ways to serve others in need as you dive into conversation surrounding poverty, human rights, economic growth, leadership, globalization, community health, theology, and more. You will also find yourself studying abroad in a developing country as a requirement for your degree. Wherever you choose to go, you will be able to learn in a different context how to use business to alleviate poverty through sustainable and empowering ways.
  • BS in Business – Transportation & Logistics – The Bachelor of Science in Transportation and Logistics Management focuses on the principles, policies, trends, and current issues within air, maritime, or ground transportation. Transportation and logistics management is at the core of global supply chain management, encompassing manufacturing, distribution, retailing, recreation, and national security industries. This versatile degree helps to prepare you for job opportunities in many industries including the military, government, and large corporations whose success depends on the global fulfillment of customers’ requirements.
  • BS in Business – Accounting Systems – Our Business Administration Accounting program is designed to prepare you to be a future business leader. As a graduate of this program you will experience a well-rounded curriculum to include a strong variety of accounting, business administration, and general education courses. The program offers an extensive background in general accounting principles as well as tax and cost accounting, proficiency in the use of various software packages, and an in-depth understanding of problem-solving and communication skills relative to the accounting profession.
  • BS in Business – Banking & Finance- Our degree BS in Business – Banking & Finance requires students to analyze major economic, political, social, and intellectual influences affecting the development of modern corporate world. Students will focus on an acquisition of theory and technical competencies associated with the profession, providing fundamental knowledge and application of banking, finance and data information development. Online bachelor’s business degree banking and finance students will complete coursework in traditional business subjects as well as receive specialized training in banking and finance.
  • BS in Business – Management  –  Our Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management program is designed to train mid-level managers. A graduate of this field will have strong skills in the technical subjects of management and will be trained in basic computer literacy while learning some of the most popular software packages in word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and presentations. Your education will be rounded out with general education courses such as writing and oral communications, psychology, and sociology.
  • BS in Business – Human Resources – This concentration prepares students for careers in human resources. Students who complete the human resources concentration should be able to thoroughly describe the human resources needs of organizations, contribute to building effective human resources policies and programs, and offer recommendations for improvement.
  • BS in Business – Entrepreneurship – Get ready to meet the challenges of a high-tech, global marketplace with business programs that teach today’s most in-demand business skills. We offer a variety of business programs including accounting, business administration, management and technical management, each with a number of specializations. And because our business programs are rooted in tech, you’ll be prepared with the business and tech skills to help move business, and your future, forward.
  • BS in Business – Marketing – This program provides an insight into human psychology. There is also an emphasis on what motivates consumers to make purchasing decisions, and how this understanding can be used to develop marketing strategies.
  • BS in – Cybersecurity – With our bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity you will be prepared to compete for entry-level positions like: network security specialist, digital forensics and incident response specialist or vulnerability analyst.
  • B.S in Network Administration – Our Network Administration bachelor’s degree program can help you prepare to take on these challenges and compete for mid-level positions such as network engineers, network administrator managers or network analysts in the enterprise.
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology– DKA’s Information Technology degree prepares students for a career in the information technology field. The Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology integrates information technology with business and equips students to plan, implement, and support information systems.

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Leadership and Ministry Biblical Studies


    1. Church Planting Concentration – The Church Planting concentration is designed for students desiring to serve as evangelistic leaders in the Western culture. Courses provide a foundational knowledge of engaging culture, communicating the Gospel, and leadership for starting new churches.
    2. Organizational Leadership Concentration – The concentration in Organizational Leadership prepares individuals for positions of leadership. Courses provide a foundation to meet the challenges of leading organizations in a changing environment.
    3. Pastoral Ministry Concentration – The Pastoral Ministry concentration is for the student who has felt a calling into ministry. This program provides the necessary information for students to effectively lead a church, a ministry within a church, or even a non-profit organization.


Master of science in International Development

International Development Concentration- The program provides an understanding of global social, political and economic change. The degree provides a critical understanding of the history and current dynamics of globalization, and its impact on societies and environments.

Social Science and Heath Concentration ( Exclusively offered in Cameroon Through ISDK –)

 Master of science in Entrepreneurship-Innovation and Strategy  – Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSEIS) students build essential technical and business skills, gain professional experience with firms, discover new insights from executive mentors, and create new ventures on the way to launching professional entrepreneurial careers in the global heart of innovation.


Master of Arts with a Major in Ministry Pastoral Care and Counseling


Practical Theology Concentration – The Practical Theology Concentration is designed for those who are employed as pastors in their churches. It is expected that most of these will be ministers who have ordination credentials. Consequently, the concentration is planned to enhance those ministry skills and increase their effectiveness in their careers. A second category of persons who may be interested in this concentration are those who have limited experience in ministry but feel called to dedicate their lives to the work of ministry and may be employed full-time or part-time by a church in a ministry role. The concentration is planned to continue the development of their ministry skills in practical theology.

Master of Divinity – Prepare for a lifetime of faithful, effective ministry with DKA’s Master of Divinity degree — a flexible and wide-ranging program designed to ready you for the intellectual, spiritual and practical needs you’ll encounter in your calling as a servant of the gospel.

As the flagship program for men and women called to serve in the church, missions or other Christian ministry — especially those seeking positions that require ordination — DKA’s M.Div. program prepares you to be faithful to the Bible, committed to the church, reliant upon the Spirit and serious about the gospel. Under the guidance of reputable Christian scholars, you’ll receive a broad-based biblical and theological education coupled with practical training in ministry leadership.

At 79 credits, the program can be completed in about three years of full-time study. And with up to half of the coursework available online, the program allows you to pursue your degree without hitting pause on your current work and ministry.



The MBA with concentration provides the leaders of today and tomorrow with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a competitive business environment within specific industries. The program emphasizes critical and strategic thinking, business management skills, ethics, and real world applications. There are six concentrations from which a student must choose:

  • Executive MBA (30-hour program)
  • MBA – Accounting (42-hour program)
  • MBA – Management (42-hour program)
  • MBA –Digital Marketing (42-hour program)
  • MBA-International Business (42-hour program)
  • MBA- Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy – (42-hour program)
  • M.Sc. – International Development (42-hour program) MBA
  • MBA- Information Technology (42-hour program)
  • MBA- Organizational Management:  (42-hour program)


Accounting Management: Master theoretical and practical accounting and management skills and prepare for new requirements for CPA candidacy.

International Business: Conduct in-depth study with perspective from peers from around the world – building a solid foundation in global diversity, international finance, international human resources and accounting — providing the necessary knowledge and skills in managing multinational organizations.

Organizational Management:  Design and measure organizational effectiveness, understand leadership roles, and learn how to successfully manage teams by applying theory to real-world situations.

Information Technology: Students interested in leadership and management of technology businesses or technology operations within an organization can specialize in this field by pursuing the MBA-IT program at DKA.

Digital Marketing – The Digital Marketing concentration is designed to provide greater study for marketing managers or those who want to enhance their career path with training in the world of marketing. Upon completion of this concentration, students should be able to lead and manage organizations’ strategic marketing development in the digital economy.

Management: The MBA major provides the leaders of today and tomorrow with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a competitive business environment. The major emphasizes critical and strategic thinking, business management skills, ethics, and real-world applications.

Executive MBA : The DKA Online Executive MBA is designed for experienced professionals who are looking to excel in a high-level role and take their departments or organizations to the next level. Students collaborate with other executives across many industries to solve real-world business challenges and further develop their management skills.

  • 100% online location to maximize your time
  • Graduate in as few as 18 months
  • GMAT may be waived for qualified applicants
  • A global perspective with international reach
  • Network with other high-caliber leaders


Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy – Dale Kietzman Academy is proud for having one of the leading entrepreneurship programs among all graduate business schools. As part of the required curriculum, strategy lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of corporate and entrepreneurial success.

The School offers more than several electives in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy, and 100% of MBA students take entrepreneurship courses while at DKA!

DKA also encourages students to be innovative and to start new ventures through a variety of entrepreneurial activities —


Master of Science in Cyber Security

Gain an Edge on the Competition

Gain the competitive edge you need to become a leader in the field of cybersecurity with the DKA Master of Science in Cybersecurity (MSC) degree. In the program, you’ll gain the skills you need to design and implement robust cyber security solutions to prevent and detect cyberattacks.

Enhance Your Career

Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional, or you’d like to advance in your information technology career by adding cybersecurity expertise, the ANU master’s degree in cybersecurity offers a broad foundation of relevant, practical skills that will give you the competitive edge that you need to seek employment or advancement in a variety of areas, including intelligence, computer forensics, IT management, and security engineering.


Master of Science in Cyber Security

Students in this program will gain a broad technical understanding of current and emerging technologies in the industry, a familiarity with systems engineering concepts, and a solid foundation in net-centric computing. They will also have a firm grasp of current and future effects of the convergence of the telecommunications, media, and information technology sectors.

Faculty with both academic credentials and industry experience provide a practical perspective.  Under their expert guidance, students will study real-world problems and opportunities with software-intensive systems, and learn methods to evaluate, adopt, and exploit emerging technologies. MS-IT students will be working closely with fellow IT professionals to complete class assignments within teams, in order to prepare students for the real-world work environment and build their professional networks.

Possible career paths for MS-IT graduates include:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Architect
  • IT Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Network and Security Engineer
  • Web Developer,
  • Integration Engineer
  • Network and Systems Administrator


Below are a sample of courses now available for immediate enrollment: