MBA Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy

MBA Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy

DKA offers more than 25 electives in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy, and 70%of MBA students take entrepreneurship courses while at DKA. DKA also encourages students to be innovative and to start new ventures through a variety of entrepreneurial activities


Entrepreneurship at DKA is about “applied business innovation”: how to create new value not only through new products or services, but with novel technologies, business concepts, organizing structures, transaction/financing mechanisms, distribution channels, and market segmentation. This selection of courses emphasizes the art and science of “creating something new from little.” These courses challenge students to think about how one can create value and build a productive business organization with available resources (e.g., intelligence, insight, energy, initiative and personal relationships). Entrepreneurship is highly consistent with DKA’s focus on “creating, leading and transforming businesses” insofar as it is a vital ingredient of each.

Primary Courses

Starting New Ventures
Venture Capital
Acquisition of Closely-Held Enterprises
Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity
Entrepreneurial Thinking *

Related Courses

Entrepreneur as Change Agent
Entrepreneurs Taking Action
Creative Capitalism
Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship
Markets in Human Hope
Management of Smaller Enterprises
Small Enterprise Finance
Bargaining and Negotiating
Introduction to Business Law
Developing New Products & Services
Technology Accelerator
Managing Turnarounds and Workouts
Leadership & Theatre: Ethics, Innovation and Creativity
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy (Required)
Strategic Thinking and Action

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy: Electives

Entrepreneurship Electives Presentation
Strategy Electives Presentation


Elective Offerings

Corporate Strategy and Post-Merger Integration
Strategy Seminar
Investigations into the Nature of Strategy
The Consulting Process *
Strategic Thinking: Integrating East and West
Competitive Dynamics
Emerging Medical Technologies
Corporate Innovation and Design Experience
Organic Growth: A Challenge for Public Companies
Creativity and Design Thinking
Global Business Experience: Strategy as Design
Dale Kietzman Academy Project: Consulting

*Courses offered in the First and Second Year. All other courses are offered only in the Second Year