Low Tuition

Low Tuition, Cost of Attendance and Scholarships


Tuition and fees will not change during the period of enrollment. Tuition and fees may change for newly enrolled students. The amounts listed on the enrollment agreement are in effect during the student’s period of enrollment.


Undergraduate tuition per unit: $ 360.00

Undergraduate challenge per course: $ 590.00

Graduate tuition per unit: $ 590.00

*Non Refundable Fees:

 Registration: $ 100          Application: $ 100          Matriculation: $ 50


 Graduation: $ 150        Duplicate Transcripts (two copies): $ 30  Transfer: $ 100


 Challenge Examination fee
(per exam)
: $ 50


As a fabric of our commitment to provide affordable education, DKA has a very competitive cost per credit unit. Additionally, we will work with you to understand your financial situation and design a financial plan to make enrollment possible.

Typical Costs for the Bachelor’s Degree Program:

 Tuition for 120 units required for degree :  $ 43,200

 Fees (non-refundable) :  $ 400

 TOTAL* : $ 43,600

Typical Costs for the Master’s Degree Program:

 Tuition for 50 units required for degree : $ 29,500

 Fees (non-refundable) : $ 400

 TOTAL* : $ 29,900

Typical costs of the MBA program:

 Tuition for 54 units required for degree : $ 31,860

 Fees (non-refundable) : $ 400

 TOTAL* : $ 32,260

*Course texts and other materials additional.

Financial Aid: Dale Kietzman Academy offers interest-free monthly payment plans. However, the school does not participate in federal financial aid.

Students enrolled at DKA may qualify for the following programs designed to reduce costs:

Reduced Payment Schedule: After the payment of the registration fee, and an initial payment of $400 on tuition, students may be allowed to enter into a monthly reduced payment schedule. However, all fees and tuitions must be paid in full before the degree will be granted.

Tuition discounts, up to 50% of tuition, are available to persons active in approved ministries, and/or development activities. Students should submit a written request for this discount with a description of the ministry and the authorized person to contact for verification of active participation.

A variety of other scholarships are available, each with its own restriction. Full information will be available upon request from the President.

Occasionally income generating opportunities are available. Students should speak with their Facilitators in the Academy about such possibilities in their area.

Qualifying: Course Challenges, which entails a small cost initially, effectively reduce the cost of tuition for such a course by two-thirds.

Academic Scholarships
DKA offers its students scholarships based on Grade Point Average.

  • Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher will receive a scholarship of at least 25% off of tuition.
  • Students with a GPA of 3.4 or lower may receive a scholarship under special circumstances at the discretion of the Academy President.
  • Partnership Scholarships: In the interest of partnering with qualified NGOs in cross-cultural service, DKA offers scholarships to their members. The Academy President identifies qualifying NGOs

Applicants referred to DKA in writing by the director or leader of those NGOs receive scholarships according to need level and academic standings. Please write to the DKA Registrar for more information.

Application Procedures

Contact the Student Services office for application instructions.

Revocation of a Tuition Payment Plan

If tuition payments are not made in full, on or prior to the due date, the Academy retains the right to terminate this monthly payment agreement. In the event of such termination, the Academy may, at its option, require the students to pay the balance of tuition due to the end of the current term of instruction.

If this institution, on behalf of a student, receives funds from a student loan provided by a private entity such as a bank, financing company, Credit Card Company or other lending institution, this institution will ensure that the monies are collected and disbursed in the following manner:

1. Amounts equal to or less than $5,000 may be disbursed as a single disbursement regardless of program length.

2. Amounts greater than $5,000 shall: a) be disbursed in two or more equal disbursements; and b) have the second disbursement occur after the beginning of the second semester.

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