Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachlor’s of Science in Computer Science

IT professionals are needed to implement information security and to adapt and facilitate the use of digital technology to assure efficiency and increased business productivity. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science stresses excellence in the students’ acquisition of fundamentals in computer science and related disciplines so as to lead to careers in software development, systems administration, consulting, and project management.

Below are the courses for this 120 credit degree program:

The Old Testament
The New Testament
Introduction to Missions
Methods of Bible Study
The Christian Life
Reading Skills (in a specific language)
Grammar (in a specific language)
Writing Academic Papers (in a specific language)
Development Anthropology
Intercultural Communication
Artificial Intelligence
Bilingual Formation
Commercial Law
Introduction to Research
Applied Mathematic to research (Statistics)
General Mathematics: Algebra and Analysis
Biblical Studies
Methodology of report presentation
Windows XP
Introduction to applied Computer Science Management
Biblical Studies II
Introduction to Research
Labor Law
Bilingual Formation II
Deontology and Ethics
Mathematical Analysis II
Statistics and Probabilities
Algorithm Programmation
Internship II
Informatics System Engineering
Base Data 2
Biblical Studies III
Social Right
Business English
Project Management
Applied Mathematics to Research
Information Security
Networking III
Research Methodology
Small and Medium Enterprises
Methodology of Report Presentation
Thesis and Defense
Professionalization Internship III