Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) degree is a four-year program. DKA offers four areas of concentration in the BA program. These are: Biblical and Theological Studies, Evangelism and Missions, and Pastoral Care and Counseling

Students in the BA program are expected to complete 105 hours of core courses, 30 hours in their various areas of concentration, and 9 hours for thesis writing; thus a total of 144 hours. There is the option of a non-thesis tract. A student who chooses a non-thesis tract will take three additional courses in his area of concentration in place of a thesis. A student in good academic standing can complete the program in four years taking 18 credit hours per semester. This time can be shortened if January and summer courses are taken.


The primary purpose of the BA program is to equip students for ministry as pastors, teachers, pastoral counselors, missionaries, Christian educators, and chaplains. In addition, the BA program aims to provide the biblical and theological training that is necessary for other church-related ministries as well as for roles that require advanced theological education. It is critical that persons of Christian character, commitment, and integrity be developed for these ministries.

Admission Requirements

The entrance requirements are the same as all undergraduate programs.

Core Courses for the BA Program (105 credit hours)

All students no matter their area of concentration must take core courses. These courses are designed to give students a broad knowledge base before they branch out into areas of concentrations.

Below is a list of the core courses:

Greek I
Evangelism and Discipleship
Greek II
Introduction to Philosophy
Hebrew I
Introduction to Counseling
Hebrew II
Christian Social Ethics
Introduction to Christian Education
NT Introduction I
Preaching I
NT Introduction II
Preaching II
OT Introduction I
OT Introduction II
Church Administration
NT Book Exegesis
Personal Development
OT Book Exegesis
Church History I
English Grammar 1
Church History II
English Grammar 2
Systematic Theology I
English Composition 1
Systematic Theology II
English Composition 2
Systematic Theology III
Communication Art
Traditional Religion
Research Methodology
Christian Theology
HIV AIDS and the Church


Intro to Philosophy II
Philosophy of Religion
Pastoral Theology
Managing Conflict and Controversy
Pastoral Care in Loss, Death, and Bereavement
History of Mission
Work in Micronesia