Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Bachelor’s degree must have a secondary school diploma from a regionally or nationally accredited institution with a minimum 2.5 GPA or equivalent preparation as determined by DKA. Admissions with advanced standing will be considered.

Applicants for any of the Master’s degrees must have earned a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 60 units of study or equivalent preparation as determined by DKA.

Application Essay

Dale Kietzman Academy (DKA) is established as a specialized educational and research institution directing its primary attention to developing a program adequate for the task of preparing leaders. DKA welcomes applications from persons whose interests and goals are in concert with Dale Kietzman Academy, and whose records show promise of their successful completion of its programs. This form is designed to assist DKA in understanding your interests and background.Please arrange to have sent directly to DKA official transcripts from all academic programs you have attended, beginning with high school. You cannot be admitted into the program until these transcripts have been received by the office in Pasadena.Now, on separate sheets of paper, answer the following questions as best you can. Please type your responses, if possible. If you write by hand, use a dark pen (black ink is best).
A. Who Are You? 
Write a short statement about yourself and your personal background.
B. Academic Background and Goals

Briefly describe your academic learning objectives:

  1. Short-range academic goals: how you heard of this program, why you chose it, and what you hope to learn from it.
  2. Future academic training that you are considering: the type of studies and educational institutions in which you are interested.


Cross-Cultural Experience

Indicate your cross-cultural experience and future goals in this area:

    1. Cross-cultural experiences: living in another culture, travel in other countries, living or associating closely with persons from different cultures, etc.
    2. Interest in particular cultures or areas of the world: (a) areas with which you would like to become better acquainted; (b) areas of possible future work; (c) areas or peoples in which you have a specific interest.


Relations with Voluntary Organizations

Are you currently serving, or did you previously serve, with a voluntary organization (mission, relief agency, church, service group, etc.) involved in cross-cultural mission or development work? If so, indicate the name and location of the agency and its main purpose, your position or role in it, and the length of time you spent in major assignments.

Work Experience

What have been your major areas of work and involvement? Include the more important jobs and experiences you have had.

Additional Information

Add anything else you feel will help us understand you as a person and a student.


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