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Students globeIn keeping with our mission, our intent is to graduate students who have developed a biblical worldview that enables them to be productive in all areas of life. Dale Kietzman Academy is committed to an educational approach that is culturally relevant and socially aware. The educational program is built on a philosophy of education that engages students in culture and society. Education at DKA demands experience and training in the real world as well as in the classroom; therefore, all programs require an extensive experiential component.


Graduates will be noted for their commitment to:

  • The Healthy Development of Relationships as evidenced in interpersonal, family, church, and social relationships that affirm the dignity of the individual and show sensitivity to diverse cultures and communities.

  • The Pursuit of Intellectual Excellence as evidenced by analytical and creative thinking, lifelong development of vocational skills, clear expression of ideas and appreciation of aesthetic values.

  • The Stewardship of God’s Creation as demonstrated in the practice of a healthy physical lifestyle and the wise management of the resources God has given us.


Bari Courts PhD –
Campus President. Program Director, Business Management
& International Development

You’ll have options. Take advantage of them! That’s what an education is all about: developing yourself as a whole person. Understand your role in society. Meet challenges with an open mind, free of preconceived notions. Use what you learn to improve your campus, your community, and your world. That’s what it means to be a part of something larger than you…a member of the Dale Kietzman Academy community.

Dr. Andre Talla, Chancellor – C.E.O

I am delighted that you have chosen to explore the possibilities at Dale Kietzman Academy. Whether you seek Development education for professional leadership in the church, in the working place or in other areas of society, or for continuing professional education, we have a wealth of offerings to support your goals.

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Dr. John Willoughby

Attending on a Rhodes scholarship, Dr. Willoughby earned his B.A. from Yale and  a second B.A. (and later an honorary M.A.) from Oxford.  He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Rochester in New York.

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